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Introducing The California Trails Foundation

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Why a California Trails Foundation?

The California Trails Foundation (CATF) exists to fund, empower and amplify the work of trail stewardship organizations all over California, and to address the long-standing trail and access disparities that exist throughout the state. 

Created in 2022 as a sister-nonprofit by the directors of the California Mountain Biking Coalition, CATF offers an inspired vision of more trails and access for everyone in California. 

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Who is California Trails Foundation for?

CATF believes that every person deserves an opportunity to improve their quality of life through trails, whatever mode of travel they prefer. As outdoor trends come and go, the connective tissue for our shared experiences will remain the trails

Trails connect communities, trails improve lives, and trails offer limitless health benefits.  

CATF is the unified California charity that advocates for and empowers those entities working to improve outdoor access via trails.

Make a donation today and see your support amplified tomorrow.

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